No Bull

If you are a reader of Fast Company or one who pays attention to new insights about effective marketing, no doubt you are familiar with the work of Seth Godin. His ability to articulate timeless principles in new and compelling ways while offering his own canny insights is pretty impressive.

Having long admired (and learned from) his thinking, I was pleased beyond belief to learn Idea Architects has been included in his new eBook entitled Bull Market. Here's the straight talk from the book's press release:

“Idea Architects has demonstrated that it is a Purple Cow catalyst, helping clients shake things up and think innovatively,” commented Godin. “Idea Architects has challenged its clients to become spectacular and invigorating. Smart companies realize that they can create Purple Cows faster with a bull.”

In Purple Cow, Godin argued that the only effective marketing strategy is to build innovation into a product or service from inception, ultimately creating a Purple Cow to stand out among a marketplace of traditional brown cows. The 2004 Bull Market Directory is the next step for Godin in questioning traditionally accepted corporate strategies and inspiring business success by uniquely communicating his vision and expertise.

For more information on Seth Godin or to receive a copy of the 2004 Bull Market Directory, co-sponsored by Fast Company magazine, please log onto his site. The Idea Architects listing is on page 150 of the book. Check out Seth's new book, Free Prize Inside while at his web site. It will make you yearn for the days when the prize inside of the box of Cracker Jacks was actually worth digging for.

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