Manifesto Mania

You must have helped spread the word quickly as I received notice today that my ChangeThis manifesto on learning and community had been accepted, so now the real work of writing begins. Thanks to everyone whose votes helped make this happen. I'll let you know when the manifesto is on the site. It may be some time given their process. FYI: Because the proposal has been accepted it is no longer on the ChangeThis site and the link in the previous post is no longer active.

Rhetorical question of the day: if you were going to write a manifesto on something, what would it be about? What engages your energy and convictions enough that you would put into words how strongly you feel? It's a good question worth considering individually, as well asking others about. Not sure it would make for an effective opening line at your local bar, but ...

Writing is on my mind as I am just concluding a writer's retreat and clinic in the mountains of Colorado: arduous early morning hikes; late afternoons spent reflecting and writing; evening critiques with others over wine at an outdoor fire pit.

It's been a wonderful time, particularly readings others' words about experiences we shared that they saw through completely different lenses. It's a lesson I'm reminded of anytime I facilitate a group, discuss issues with friends or colleagues, or read the editorial page. But for some reason, realizing how differently people can experience the same thing has been more powerful here. Probably the thin mountain air or my aching quads.

I plan on posting a piece or two from the work done here. They are still a bit raw as is my reaction to some of the feedback (both positive and constructive) I received about them.

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