Pet Projects

Absolutely amazing.

Most days they seem to be unable to speak civilly about the pressing problems confronting our country. But give them the chance to steal the national limelight, and they are all too willing to extend the long arm of a federal intervention into something that seems to be a state's rights issue.

I'm not commenting on the merits of the seemingly complex Schiavo case unfolding in Florida. What troubles me is why Senators and Representatives are involved at all given that the Supreme Court has declined to hear any of the appeals regarding the matter. This case has been in and out of the lower courts for almost a decade. So it is more than just a bit disconcerting that at the very last minute Congress sees fit to set aside the rest of the nation's business and get themselves mired in an issue where they don't really belong.

So what have the elected leaders of our nation done in the past few months? Allocated a ridiculous amount of pork dollars to pet highway projects in their home states; confused the public about the true state of Social Security; passed different versions of the federal budget, both forms being bankrupt and irreponsible; tackled the baseball steroid crisis since they have been ineffective getting drugs out of our schools, off the streets, and out of Afghanistan where opium has become the major economic driver since the U.S. liberated the country; and stuck their nose into what is essentially a supersized family squabble.

And they wonder why people are cynical about government. Look in the mirror people. Look in the mirror.

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I absolutely agree! Great article!