Everyday Annoyances

Spring is finally here, and that is a good thing.

But now that it is warm enough to have the windows open, I'm being reminded of why it is such a joy to close them in late fall.

While I'm delighted to live in an urban neighborhood safe enough for children to play outside, as the little lovelies grow up, their outdoor toys are getting bigger and noisier.

And the neighbor across the street must be completely unaware that his dog barks all day long (I'm talking barely stops to breathe) while he is away at work. In the winter with the windows closed it is just some very faint noise that your mind eventually tunes out. Not so much anymore. I've been practicing my "we need to chat" line of polite confrontation all day. I hope he's had a good day at work.

Warm weather also brought hordes of school groups to NYC where I did a little "spring breaking" last week. As a major theatre fan, it pleases me immensely to see teachers bringing large tour groups to see major Broadway productions. What would have pleased me even more is if those same teachers (not the students) could have seen it clear to use a bit more of an "inside voice" prior to the curtain rising when they were engaging in nonstop inane babbling about the weather, the NYC subway, the lines at the theatre's restroom, and just about every detail of their daily existence while wait. Live your life people. Don't narrate it for complete strangers.

All of this has me noting that life can be a bit interesting for people without pets or children when surrounded by others having one or both. These recent events have me wondering what activities I might engage in as a routine part of my life that could be annoying others incessantly. It also has me wondering if companies and organizations spend enough time thinking about how they might be unnecessarily annoying or inconveniencing their members or customers with what is S.O.P. for them? Hold the mirror up to your policies, procedures, practices and you're bound to find something that could be changed for the better.

I'd write more, but the litte urchins next door are home from school, so I may as well go outside and play hopscotch since I won't be getting any work done for awhile.

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