Dress Code

So I'm in Maui speaking at a conference. I know ... your heart bleeds for me. But remember sitting with your knees to your chin for a nine-hour flight is more than enough penance for getting to work in the beautiful confines of Hawaii for a few days.

So I'm sitting outside after the session today watching all the participants and their spouses head off to an evening social event, and I have what I believe therapy would refer to as an epiphany or the breakthrough moment. It's one of those sensations when all of a sudden you have tremendous clarity as you come to a realization that could have a dramatic effect on your future.

I have finally come to understand that I am a 42-year-old-man who possesses nothing that would remotely qualify as "resort casual."

That simple reality speaks volumes.


Karen Yoho said...

Jeffrey - What an epiphany - a real AHA (or is that Aloha?) moment. Check out Nordstrom's in Honolulu - I think they might have what you need!
p.s. It's amazing that despite how insightful and thought-provoking your posts are, I respond to the one on apparel!

Jeffrey's #1 Fan said...

Jeffrey - That is why we like you so much, because you are more substantive than the clothes on your back! While others may spend hours about what they will wear to this occasion, I am sure you have thought more about the conversations that you will have (or had) at the event. The most important garment to wear at a group event is an open demeanor and a cordial smile which fits any dress code that I have heard of. Speaking of which, how about all of those creative titles to dress code descriptions like city-chic casual, beach casual, something horsey, and others that I have seen on invitations?