Paper Still Counts

The three of them were giggling like schoolgirls, probably because they were just that … three schoolgirls taking the subway home after the last day of class.

And as I sat across from them I couldn't help but notice their deep engagement in a time-tested end of the year ritual: reading what people wrote in their yearbook. They laughed, spun the book around repeatedly like a ballerina doing a pirouette, and read each and every comment inscribed by photos, inside the cover, and in every square inch of blank space. Moving from page to page, entry to entry, you could see them mentally connected to the authors and the memories they would carry with them.

Sure, MySpace and FacePages and all the other online social networking sites have some great tools and advantages when it comes to meeting and connecting with others in our increasingly virtual world. But nothing will ever replace the feeling of flipping through one's yearbook and reliving memorable moments. I'm fairly certain this is one tradition whose shelf life won't be reaching its expiration date too soon.

And that sound of giggling you might be hearing right now? That's probably just me, flipping through the pages of time, wondering what ever could I have been thinking to sport feathered bangs ... even if it was the 70s.

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Max Isley said...

Ahhh, what warm feelings I got from this reading. Jeff, you do such a great job of "observing" the world as you live it. I can almost "see" this by the way you describe it. Well done!

Now you do realize that I was to sit and watch 3 schoolgirls on a subway, I would get accused of letchery......