Room to Grow

For 13 years I have lived comfortably in this wonderful home nestled in a historic district just off the hustle and bustle of downtown Indianapolis. Last week I purchased a new home and put the only house I have ever owned on the market.

I wasn't looking for a new home, but as when I purchased this house, I stumbled on to what seems like the right house at the right price at the right time, so I bit and bought. My new home (just a few blocks further from downtown) comes with an adjacent extra lot should I ever really get crazy and decide to design and build my own house, something I have always wanted to do.

In an ever-so-slight moment of buyer's remorse, I shared with my realtor that I wondered if I had purchased too much house. I'm gaining 700 square feet, going from 1400 to 2100. Not a huge house by any stretch, but still a pretty big gain percentage-wise. Her reply? I think you'll grow into it.

I was completing some disclosure forms when she said this and wasn't listening closely, so what I heard was "I think you'll grow in it."

I think that is true.

Perhaps over time we all become like potted plants, comfortably ensconced in a space that has served us well, but one that leaves us root-bound from any future growth because we have no room to expand. Too much space, however, and our lives would look like the millionaire mansions where it is clear they spent so much money on the house they had none left for furniture.

The right amount of room to live and grow comfortably (not lavishly), as well as explore and expand. I think I may now have it. Do you?

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