Leave the GPS at Home

"You find your way through a place by getting lost in it."

Anthony Doerr
Four Seasons in Rome

So true, isn't it? In this era of Google maps and global positioning satellite devices, your chances of getting lost are dramatically reduced.

And that is a shame. Some of my best memories resulted from taking a wrong turn or encountering an unexpected detour that diverted me from my chosen path.

Given that we can almost always know where we are at and what we need to do to reach our final destination, the sheer joy of discovery is less likely to occur. So we will need to condition ourselves to be more aimless in our movement, more curious in the turns we take and the choices we make, more random in how we go forth on our journeys.

And if we learn to do more of that for ourselves, perhaps we can do the same for the organizations and communities of which we are part, modeling for others that being lost can indeed be a very good thing.

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