Creating the Future While Being Present

Individuals and organizations generally know that focusing too much on the past can be limiting and that living in the present has many benefits. So we know how to handle past and present relatively well.

It is the future that has people befuddled. When things seems to change at such a rapid pace that confusion isn't all that surprising.

But while it might be challenging to predict the short- or long-term future, choosing to make no choices, to create nothing, is really not a desirable option. Yet it is one that increasingly I find others making.

As Stephen Sondheim expressed in the lyrics for Move On from the musical Sunday in the Park with George:

Stop worrying where you're going-
Move on
If you can know where you're going
You've gone
Just keep moving on

I chose, and my world was shaken-
So what?
The choice may have been mistaken,
The choosing was not
You have to move on

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