Deadheading for Renewal

Deadheading is one of those often-overlooked chores that keep a garden lively with color. Instead of lamenting that all the blooms have died, one simply needs to pluck off the dead flower head and many plants get back in action and flower again.

Gardeners who forget to deadhead end up not getting the full value from their plants and often spend more money planting new items already blooming. A lot of individuals and organizations make the same mistake with their own efforts.

We probably would all benefit from a deadheading approach to both our personal lives and the programs and services our organizations sponsor, periodically assessing which efforts seem to have run their course, pruning them a bit and plucking off what clearly has died off, and then waiting to see if things will actually renew and bloom again. Doing so may prolong the value we think has expired and allow us to focus our limited energy and resources on new ventures or other efforts that need them the most.