Size Matters

The restaurant was nice. The company was great. The food was fantastic. And the wine was ... well, a bit skimpy on the pour.

Or at least that's the way it looked in the large goblet in which it was served. In a more modestly-sized glass it would have seemed normal or perhaps even generous.

But because of the stemware I spent the first minute or two not thinking about the taste of the wine, but instead about the size of the pour in relation to the price per glass, not exactly where I wanted my brain to be working.

Whatever your product or service, you might want to think about price and portion to make sure you are maximizing your sales and profits while preserving high customer satisfaction. You want people enjoying the actual product not thinking about price and value.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly agree as I sit in my ever smaller airline seat with less leg room knowing that I am paying more than I did a year ago for less service. I believe we will continue to see these things happening until we as consumers make our voices heard about the issue. We just raised the dues for our association - the first time in 7 years - and we raised in modestly $15 with explanation as to why and what new services will be provided due to the increase. I'm pleased that we received few if any complaints about the dues increase but the proof will be when members get their renewal statements.