October 14, 2007

But I Won't Sell Sausage and Cheese

I think just about every high school organization I was involved in at some point had us selling sausage and cheese as a fundraiser, but I'm not about to revisit those days.

I do, however, hope to visit the inaugural Visual Thinking Conference for three days in San Francisco in January 2008. Sessions will address topics such as those listed in the graphic to the left.

While I regularly budget funds for conferences that fall outside the sweet spot of where I need to invest my professional development dollars, I've already committed those dollars to another conference in 2008.

I'm seeking five organizational sponsors who will each contribute $400 to support my participation in the visual thinking event. In exchange, I will provide you with a 5-10 page summary of my conference experience in either PDF or PowerPoint form and do a 30-60 minute telephone debrief for you and/or your staff. I'll try to make it the next best thing to being there, but at only a fifth of the price you would pay. And if you share any particular interests in advance, I'll be on the lookout for relevant info while I attend the conference.

If interested, just shoot me an email.

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