Paris Post #4: Space, the Final Frontier

You can almost hear William Shatner's voice saying those words at the opening of each Star Trek episode, can't you? Our daily lives operate in worlds that are increasingly filled with visual and audio distractions cluttering the landscape. Cellphones have made once semi-private spaces highly public and in a tribute to capitalism, we seem willing to place advertising everywhere. Sculptural and beautiful museum exteriors that once inspired awe and reflection are now adorned with gargantuan banners that while functional, violate the form they adorn.

But not so much in Paris. Yes, examples of what I describe above are plentiful, but equally present are spaces to get away, to think, to relax, to reflect, to rejuvenate.

Whether it be a home, an office, a neighborhood, or a convention, space is needed where people can escape. We have to be able to unpack all the stimuli that has bombarded us and to make sense of what is going on around us.

Otherwise it is all just noise. I'm afraid that increasingly, much of people's lives are just that.