When Sharing Met Selling

Years ago, I had a buddy who managed men's furnishings in our local Nordstrom. He was kind enough to bring me in twice a year to work the men's sales. My wardrobe still enjoys the residual rewards of that employee discount.

We were taught that while a guest was trying on a suit it was helpful to gather a few shiort and tie combinations to show him the different looks that could be achieved with his selection. We fanned these out on a console table in the dressing/tailoring area and simply mentioned them as possibilities should he purchase the suit.

Inevitably many of these possibilities were purchased and as a result daily sales increased.

I was reminded of the benefit of this approach earlier this week reading an article in the November issue of Fast Company magazine talking about the "geniuses" who roam the increasingly popular Apple Computer stores. The money quote:

"When employees become sharers of information,
instead of sellers of products, customers respond."

All I can add is ... without a doubt.