Now More Than Ever

Look around.

People are overwhelmed.

Too much to do. Too little time.

Pressure to perform, to get it right ...

So risk avoidance kicks in.
Doing just enough to get by.
Not trying the unknown.
Sticking with what works.
Focusing only on the probabilities.

But you, you can be different.
You can be the person of possibility.

The one who stands as a beacon of abundance swimming through a sea of self-imposed scarcity.
It doesn't need to logical. It doesn't need to be prudent.

All it takes is for you to choose, to be about possibility, to do it for yourself and everyone around you.

So choose.

And things will start to change.
And people will start to change.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, it is always inspiring to read your thoughts from Argentina.

passing the time said...

thanks for speaks right to me today...