A Snowball's Chance ...

I got pelted with snowballs today ... in Orlando no less and all of my own doing.

I'm at the Great Ideas Conference in Orlando and while attending a session that was sucking the very life out of me, I wondered how I could give that feedback to the presenter in real-time.

As I left that talk to go and do my own session, my negative thinking went positive. I had the 60+ people in my session on Beyond Brainstorming: Facilitation Tips and Techniques for Generating Great Ideas crumple a sheet of paper into a snowball and pelt me with it when they got a good takeaway from the session.

Being trashed in public has never been so satisfying.

Some blog posts about the session can be found here, here, and here if you want to read others' takeaways and my handouts are available here.

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KareAnderson said...

What a cool idea! Talk about immediate feedback whilst bringing the audience closer and mpre aware of the collective unconscious - made conscious...

in a fun way no less.
Now share your session ideas with us - especially the ones for which you were pelted
have a white christmas too
- Kare