Different Strokes

Ways to know the conference you are involved in is being held in Louisiana:

  • The Starbucks in the hotel complements its assortment of sugar-free syrups with a half-dozen liqueurs to add to your coffee.
  • The morning break at the conference offered only Bloody Mary's and another alcohol-laden drink.
Just a good in-my-face reminder of the different norms and customs one may need to get accustomed to when stepping into others' worlds.


Anonymous said...

Just the mere fact that you felt it necessary to mention these items about Louisiana shows how NON-inclusive you truly are.

On another note, it amazes me that there are so many organizations out there these days that do not produce any tangible items and yet receive tidy sums to bloviate about nonsensical topics such as "diversity" and "leadership". It's a great gig (scam) if you can get into it, I suppose.

It has been my experience that those who blow the hardest about racism, diversity, etc. turn out to be the most racist and non-inclusive folks out there (a la Bill Clinton). What is the motivation? Guilt? Ignorance? Too much time on your hands?

I would feel guilty wasting peoples' time on such drivel if I were you.

an association colleague said...

Hey, Anonymous---My god you are just a bully. We get it, you don't like Jeff, you don't respect him, you've got a big ol' chip on your shoulder. WE GET IT. Move on already. Choose not to read the blog, choose positivity, choose to have the maturity to go by your real name. Get your own blog or something! You are starting to sound like some guy Jeff beat at basketball back in 1992 who has a need to constantly harass. Have you no idea at all how you come off to readers? Really, it's enough already. Move on to someone else who you perceive wronged you in some way.....

Anonymous said...

WoW. I am from Louisiana and had heard that this website would offer good information on upcoming seminars we are planning. Wasn't expecting this....... But just to clarify.... if I'm at a Seminar and it is after 12 noon in New Orleans, I may have a Bloody Mary.... or starbucks.... with my crawfish!!