From Cheese to Chopsticks

Coloring your parachute and following that moving cheese.  Those were the career issues for past generations in Dan Pink's new eyes.

In his informing and entertaining new book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, Pink appeals to today's worker who finally looks over tepid cubicle walls and asks the definitive 21st Century career question:  WTF?

This is the first career guide written in manga, the Japanese term for what we would call graphic novels or comics.  And while the target audience is someone for whom the definition of manga was not needed, the career advice questions are definitive for workers of any age. 

There's a little Bunko in all of us. Who hasn't periodically wondered about work, "40 more years of this?  You have to be kidding me!" Fortunately, a quick breaking of the chopsticks brings to life Diana, perhaps the first only kickass female career counselor you'll ever need.

Watch the entertaining movie-style trailer for the book and see what I mean.

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