Move Your Feet

I played tennis earlier this week.  And as always is the case the first time out each year, it wasn't too pretty.

With each successive groundstroke though, the rhythm returned, muscle memory returned, and the shots became more precise.

But too many balls were still spraying outside the lines until I remembered the simple axiom that almost always picks up my game: move your feet.

Too often I stand flatfooted and take my best swing at a ball from a less than ideal position.  My long reach allows me to make contact and generally hit an acceptable shot.  As more and more of those balls drop into the court it reinforces my lack of movement.  I'm eventually caught so far out of position that I can't reach a ball or I splay a shot far outside the lines.

Individuals and organizations get flat-footed in their efforts as well.  We "keep the ball in play" with our markets and members by hitting reasonably acceptable shots that fall within the realm of moderately meeting others' needs.  But we're not moving to the ball, getting ourselves positioned to use our full capabilities to really hit the sweet spot and deliver a winning shot.

And just as in tennis, one day we are caught out of position, swinging awkwardly with too little form, and we lose the match, the member, and maybe the market.

Is it time for you to move your feet?

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