One to Many

We aren't spending enough time thinking about knowledge transfer.  Meeting planners and presenters design for the moment: make this meeting run smoothly, have this session well-attended, help this attendee find the right information.

But what about when someone returns to their actual workplace?  Sure, we may have provided content they can use, but that's where our intentional efforts end.  We might make all the slides and handouts available for a download and we're getting better at putting video of some presentations online.

But what we aren't doing, and where the real opportunity might exist, is crafting tools and resources that support all meeting attendees as catalysts for content sharing and meaningful change in their own organizations.  We should think of every single meeting planned and workshop created as a train-the-trainer event, an equip-the-teacher opportunity.  

Doing so will cause us to shift what we do, how we do it, and more importantly, the demonstrated value conference goers will provide to their employers.  And that would indeed be a very good thing.

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