Stand-Up Meetings Move Mainstream

Increasingly I find colleagues talking about how they are using stand-up meetings in their organizations.  Stand-ups are quick group gatherings that are so focused and generally so brief that you remain standing for the entire conversation.

In my first association staff position, we started most days with an all-staff stand-up gathering. While enjoying coffee and catching up we quickly reviewed organizational priorities for the day and key information related to member inquiries.  Individual staff members could also ask others for assistance, and we frequently did some rapid brainstorming on a topic that had been shared in advance.  Starting each day in the presence of your colleagues really helps to create a team spirit, as well as launch the day on a productive note.

A November 2007 Inc. magazine article entitled "The Art of the Huddle" highlights five organizations that each use the morning meeting to accomplish a different objectives, including teambuilding, coordination, prioritization, motivation, and strategy development.

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I enjoyed the article Jeff. I read them all although, I've never commented prior to this posting. I hear your voice in each and every thing you write...the same voice going back decades. I hope you're well. Happy Birthday! Blessings

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