The Organic Business Model

"I honestly feel a large part of the reason we are successful is we had no idea what we're doing and spent no time trying to figure it out.... Our whole inspiration is, Are we having fun doing it?  Is what we are doing exciting us?  Is what we are doing continuing to motivate us?  If any of those die out, I guess we do not necessarily do it anymore."
Jeffrey Kalmikoff, chief creative officer, Threadless

I love this quote from an article in this San Francisco Chronicle.  Threadless in an online t-shirt company that has been wildly successful turning its customers into community members and letting the community vote designs into production.

What I most admire is the simplicity of their business model:  doing cool stuff with cool people and seeing it where it goes.   And while the payoff that's important to them is in terms of creativity and personal freedom, they are experiencing a great payoff in financial terms as well.

Having followed this mantra both in my previous consulting community (like minded people) and in my current solo efforts, I can tell you it is one worth considering.  Too much attention in too many organizations is spent trying to force something to be successful as opposed to enabling passionate people to pursue projects and then discovering which of those are most financially viable.


Matt Baehr said...

See a good article on Threadless in the June Inc. Magazine.

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