The Time Has Come

by Bradford Shank

It is good
To put the world together
now and then
Into an unbroken piece
And to contemplate it whole.
If done in sincerity
This form of prayer
Dims the cutting lines
Of past abstraction
Permitting us to carve out
New fragments
Of greater utility
And beauty.
If you like it better
We can reverse the analogy
And recommend the periodic destruction
Of our verbal maps
Our outward habits
Our ingrown attitudes
So that
Out of this rubble
We may build
A new world
Better suited
To a growing need
And finer discrimination.

Our world is overflowing with sounds bites, Twitter tweets, and blog posts. Choking on this constant stream of information we are starved for deeper, reflective, and more integrative thinking. Or at least I am.

So it's time for a period of contemplation so I can come back able to contribute more strongly to building a new world better suited to a growing need and finer discrimination. New work and clients still welcome, but until 2009, don't expect any blogging.

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gl33mer said...

Enjoy the time off...

..but then off what?

Is it time at all?