Instead of Do Something, Do Nothing?

What makes you so sure we should do anything?

I read an interesting essay from some financial experts who are arguing the best thing for the economy would be doing nothing and letting it recalibrate on its own. I didn't do well enough in my college econ classes to know if this at all is sound advice for our current environment.

But as an underlying principle, do nothing, is an option not considered often enough, particularly if you are approaching a decision where the outcome of your options are unclear.

So the next time you feel an urgent need to make a decision, pause and ask yourself, "what might happen if I choose to do nothing right now?"

If the consequences are only minimally negative or if you wouldn't suffer any setback at all, you might simply choose to abstain and postpone your decisions to a time when the need to act is more compelling.

Doing nothing shouldn't be a shelter for perennial procrastinators or dropouts from Over-Analyzers Anonymous. It should though be seen as one of the many choices worth considering at any time.

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