The Pothole Problem and Other Confidence Killers

Creative Commons License. Some rights reserved by Alan Stanton
Potholes. Trash removal. Snow plowing.

Any one of these three has been known to destroy citizen satisfaction and bring down the tenure of otherwise well-regarded mayors. Why? Because they are ever-present reminders of how well we are being served.

It's hard to think you have great city government if driving down just about any street requires the dodging skills of the most advance video gamer lest you lose your transmission by dropping into an unpaved crater.

Every industry, every organization has its equivalent of the pothole. The one or two things that will undermine your entire operation if they aren't addressed correctly, quickly, and consistently.

They're the issue that if poorly handled they leave your members, customers, and stakeholders scratching their heads and saying to themselves "If they can't get this right ... "

Do you know yours? More importantly, are you managing them effectively?

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