Easy Peasy

So I get why many people are skeptical of the value of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media applications. But here are two simple examples of how valuable they can be.

Each week the design consultancy IDEO posts a big question on its Facebook page (called Big Conversations, Small Talk) and invites fans to respond. Could getting rapid insight from diverse perspectives be any simpler? Why wouldn't an association or corporation want to create ongoing conversations about things that matter? The current question: What is the one thing that would persuade you to start saving energy?

And in his weekly New York Times technology column, David Pogue took on Twitter, what some see as the most ridiculous intrusion of chatter into are already over-crowded mental desktops. While concurring that it could be an ultimate time-waster, he gave one example of its brilliance in action:
"I was serving on a grant proposal committee, and I watched as a fellow judge asked his Twitter followers if a certain project had been tried before. In 15 seconds, his followers replied with Web links to the information he needed. No e-mail message, phone call or Web site could have achieved the same effect."
New technologies are just tools and toys waiting to be played with. Only doing so can let you truly determine if they merit delight or dismissal.

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