What's Behind Door Number Three?

It's easy to feel a bit smug when things don't work out quite as planned and you simply shift gears to your pre-determined Plan B.

But the current uncertainty requires you to cover a bit more of the alphabet in the options you pre-plan: one backup is not going to be sufficient.

And while many are focusing only on doom and gloom, you'd be wise to be working on Plan S: success. How are you going to take advantage of the successes your efforts might yield despite the tough economy and daily pessimistic headlines? You can't afford to let a positive result escape without trying to convert it into an additional desirable outcome.

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Joe Hafner said...

Hi Jeffrey - I couldn't agree more. The importance of a strong mental game in today's increasingly competitive (and bad news addicted) workplace cannot be understated. Wouldn't we rather be around someone who acknowledges today's challenges, but brings perspective about the long term? During times like this, new leaders emerge, old businesses evolve (or perish), and new ways of working are created -all opportunities for those who are paying attention. I like your idea of a Plan S = Success. What would you say are the top elements of a Plan S?