Are You a Good Setter?

In volleyball, the setter plays a critical role coordinating the team's offense and directing which teammate will actually attack the ball for the score. We also have setters in working relationships. Example:

A local association asked me to speak at an upcoming luncheon and I accepted. After providing marketing copy for my talk, I was surprised to discover the actual event promo substantially modified it without my input.

It's tough to hit the ball when it's been set somewhere different than what was expected.

Partnerships and teamwork involve positioning our colleagues for the win, setting them up to score, and real-time communication of strategy for the next play. Otherwise you have only uncoordinated efforts that are unlikely to produce the desired results.

So, are you putting the ball where it needs to be?


David M. Patt, CAE said...

Your promotional copy may not have been consistent with the association's promotional message.

They should have asked you for something different.

Joan Eisenstodt said...

Good post, Jeffrey -- too often this happens to those of us who do training.