Beware of Higher Risk, Lower Return

I recently stayed at a large convention hotel of a major brand in a top tier city.

Within four hours of checking in I had experienced more than a half-dozen minor service mishaps, none particularly consequential, but each frustrating in its own right. A previous stay more than a year ago was somewhat similar, but out of brand loyalty, I wanted to give the property a second chance.

So here’s the deal. Hotels rates are dropping like crazy. Choices and incentives abound. Why would anyone choose to stay in a property that based on two experiences now demonstrates itself to be a higher risk, lower return property? I know I certainly won’t do so again.

Higher risk. Lower return. Does that describe your organization? The decision to become a member of it? Attending any of your meetings? Purchasing any of your products?

If so, you’ve got considerable work to do ... and it needs to be done with great haste.

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