Garage Sale Economics

A complete set of Aunt Martha's cherished china that has been passed on from generation to generation? $15.

An heirloom puppet you once used to entertain all the neighborhood kids? $3

The plastic patio table and faded umbrella under which so much laughter with good friends occurred? $25

This is the time of year when so many look to reduce the clutter in their lives and use cheap prices to entice us to increase ours. It's a time-honored ritual in which we ignore the sentimental value and meaning attached to objects and instead opt for the joy of empty shelves and a bit more breathing room.

So many companies and associations would benefit from having a garage sale of their own, purging themselves of the programs or services that have little value but people just can't seem to part with yet. Only by letting go does new space become available for what we have yet to create.

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