Toward a More Sustainable You

One of the new keynotes/workshops I've been presenting this year explores the beliefs and habits that will support a more sustainable you … you the person and you the professional. Note: I also have a version for organizations).

Here are some of the gentle reminders often shared in the individual version of this topic. You also can download a one-page PDF with these tips.
  1. Relinquish your need for others to see things as you do.
  2. Recharge you physical well-being with a new habit you can definitely keep.
  3. Resign from one activity, commitment, or organization that doesn't contribute positively to your life.
  4. Reflect regularly on what you are learning and can apply with rgeater intention.
  5. Release an unproductive belief/behavior that limits our possibilities.
  6. Relax your definition of what it means to live the good life.
  7. Reconnect with someone whose insight and perspective you value.
  8. Renew a skill or competency to gain a competitive advantage.
  9. Recommit to a daily or weekly habit that strengthens you as a person.
  10. Refresh your energy and passion for something you genuinely want to help create.
  11. Reset your clock to reflect today's realities.
  12. Realign your behaviors with a value that is important to you.
  13. Reframe a challenge as an opportunity with steps to address it.
  14. Reduce what you believe you need in order to live comfortably.
  15. Review your aspirations and intentions and adjust your time commitments.
  16. Reboot your mental operating system and refresh you curiosity and openness.

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Kristin Clarke said...

Wow, Jeff. Do those resonate with me or what? I'm working hard on a number of habits--bad and good. Your post is a good check-off list to add to my efforts to nurture more balance in my life, personally and professionally. Thanks! You know, I totally agree with whoever came up with the comment, "September is the new January." With schools and sports teams starting, a new season of education sessions and events, the launch of our next fiscal year, etc., that is certainly true for me.