Let's Change Meetings and Conferences

The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) asked 14 thought leaders about the metamorphosis we need to see in meetings and conferences. I was flattered to have the chance to offer this suggestion:

I want more meetings that crackle with energy and excitement—where participants are on the edge of their seats in general sessions and the din of hallway conversations between breakouts is ear-splitting because people have so much to share with colleagues.

I want stories that inspire, examples worth emulating, insights worth adopting.

I want the highest-quality sessions that immerse newcomers in their profession’s fundamentals and mind-blowing conversations among experienced professionals that push their collective brainpower to unseen levels of mastery.

I want to leave with my skills polished, my awareness heightened, my passion ignited, my network of influential colleagues expanded, my relationships with mentors deepened, and my spirit renewed and reinvigorated.

In short, I want it all, and I’ll pay dearly for guaranteed results. I just can’t find many meetings ready to take my cash and my contribution to the community. Meetings like this should not be rare antiques available only in elite circles. They should be the norm.

Read a baker's dozen or so of other responses from a variety of thought leaders, including author Dan Pink.

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