New Habits at Arms Reach

Like many gyms, mine is no stranger to the sweaty exercisers who fail to wipe down quipment after using it. Despite bottles of disinfectant and rags placed in several locations throughout the workout area, few people ever cleaned up after themselves.

A few weeks ago, using the equivalent of jumbo cupholders, spray bottles and rags were attached to every piece of exercise equipment. The result? Significantly more cleaning going on by equipment users. Not 100%, but pretty darn close in my several hours of direct experience.

As we approach the annual rite of New Year's resolutions, it is useful to remember that we're most likely to change our habits when we put the desired choice within immediate reach. We have to make it easy to say yes, to select the right response, to act in the manner desired ... whether we be talking about our own personal choices or the options our organizations want members and customers to select.

Preparing to do so requires a nominal upfront investment, but it is one that will pay dividends for a significant period of time.

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KiKi L'Italien said...

Excellent post - short and sweet! Making it easy for members and customers is critical to success! Thanks for reminding us of that.