Beware of Combover Creativity

I'm 46. Into my 30s I still had the repulsively full head of hair I grew up with, the one in which rabbits could hide. And now? Not so much.

When you have a lot of hair, it covers up many things going on underneath: sweating, bad skin, etc.

When less plump in the follicle department, every strand becomes a critical part of Team Good Looks. No one can sit on the bench and maximum performance is required. That's a lot of pressure.

The same can be true for ideas. When you have a lot of them, the sheer mass covers for those that aren't going to be home runs. Enough winners are on top to carry the day.

But when your ideas and creativity start receding ... well, you understand.

Moral of the story: the most innovative organizations generate more ideas and experiment more freely. So if you want to avoid a visit from the Hair Club for Creatives, you know what to do.

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