A Whole New Mind: A Discussion Guide for Associations

Dan Pink's new book, Drive, is getting all the buzz right now, and deservedly so given the solid case Pink build that we continue to engage in motivation malpractice in the workplace. His TED Global talk highlights some of the book's key assertions, and is an exemplary model of best practices in 18-minute presentations.

Yet many individuals and organizations have yet to fully digest and operationalize his previous work, A Whole New Mind. The book itself contains a portfolio of exercises that bring its exploration of six right-brain direct aptitudes to life, and Pink himself has provided two AWNM discussion guides on his web site, one for businesses and one for educators.

While both guides contain questions associations and professional societies will find valuable, they don't quite address all the possibilities these groups may wish to consider. To that end, I've created a two-page discussion guide (unofficial and unauthorized) that provide more than a dozen questions to guide associations in wringing the most value out of Pink's insights. You can download it here.

You can see and hear Pink in person at ASAE & the Center's Great Ideas Conference, March 7-9 in Colorado Springs.

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Deirdre Reid said...

Thanks for the pdf and other links. I'm just now starting to read A Whole New Mind since it's been languishing on my book shelves for quite a long time. Hope to find some quiet time this weekend to dig into it.