Why You Need Your Own Olympics

I think every organization, conference, city, or profession should periodically sponsor their own version of an Olympics-style competition for the following reasons:
  • Individuals not normally in the spotlight get to share their talents.
  • People who might toil in obscurity in their discipline finally get a chance to compete with others.
  • The concentrated time period focuses attention and energy.
  • The opening and closing ceremonies challenge artistic creativity.
  • They are inclusive yet still build hometown and national pride.
  • They give people a reason to train ... and train hard for an extended period of time.
  • Each has its own rhythm, but shares ritualistic elements that span decades.
  • Having different host cities shifts attention to different locations and introduces us to them.
If you were to create a comparable event that would advance your goals and help achieve your vision, what events would it include, how would you structure it what would it spotlight and celebrate?

Why aren't you creating it?

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