WWIF #4: How to Do How to Better

Numerous commercial web sites offer brief how to or introductory tutorials in text, video, or slides with audio.  Two that I frequent regularly are eHow, "how to do just about everything" and CommonCraft, "three-minute videos that help educators and influencers introduce complex subjects."

Though a lot of the "how to" real estate has been claimed, many professional societies have yet to embrace the opportunities creating such condensed content provide … both for members general public.  In addition, few nonprofit organizations seem to be effectively utilizing such formats to orient and train volunteers, board members, speakers, etc..   Do I really need to fly across country and have 30 minutes of an in-person training teach me how to complete a travel request?

What if organizations generated a list of the Top 100 How To Tutorials (the list could even be crowdsourced) that would best serve their stakeholders and then invited individuals to use a standard template/approach to create and contribute this content as a volunteer opportunity?

Note:  Wednesday What If is a weekly feature applying the "what if" mindset associated with abductive reasoning or logic in an effort to stretch our thinking about what is desirable and very frequently, quite doable.

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Ellen said...

Jeffrey -- Excellent Idea! I've been advocating for a long time that we need to provide tutorials to our members (and members of the public advocacy non-profits strive to reach).

In a future aLearning Blog post, I'll be linking to some free (or nearly free) sites where "quick and dirty" tutorials can be created and posted for exactly this purpose.

Thanks for getting our colleagues thinking along these lines, Jeffrey!