Being a Macro-Manager

You hear a lot of people complain about being micro-managed, about having a supervisor who too closely scrutinizes their work and who offers such prescriptive direction there is no room for individual judgment.

What we don't hear enough about are people who macro-manage.  These individuals help their colleagues:
  • See how their work is connected to the organization's long-term strategy.
  • Connect today's efforts to tomorrow's results.
  • Understand the purpose and intention behind actions, imbuing them with more meaning and relevance.
  • Expand their awareness of external trends and opportunities with implications for their efforts.
  • Think more critically about their efforts and make better decisions.
  • Challenge themselves to better leverage their strengths and grow their capabilities.
  • Envision alternatives when their thinking becomes too limiting.
  • Have greater patience and persistence when immediate satisfaction is not possible.
If you supervise others, these are some of the greatest gifts you can give to your colleagues. 

Have you prepared yourself to do so?

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