Recent Writing Round-Up

Need some good airplane or rainy day reading?  Here's a roundup of my recently published articles.  Most are quick reads (2-3 pages long) balancing practical pointers and enduring concepts.  A few are links to the web site where the article still appears.  Others are PDF downloads as noted.

In May, watch for my new article in Associations Now focusing on "The Promotable Professional." It explores what association executives look for when promoting individuals to positions of greater responsibility.  I'll also have an article in ASAE's Consultants Connection newsletter entitled "Beware of Routines Becoming Ruts."  It offers some quick tips on making your presentations and workshops more interesting and engaging.

And I'm always happy to be hired to write articles for publications or serve as a guest blogger.  Just contact me to discuss how I could be of support with your knowledge-exchange efforts.

7 Ways to Hone Your Presentation Skills (PDF)

An article highlighting an easy-to-apply process for designing more powerful workshops and presentations.

Break Out of the Silo Mentality

Learn about the mindset and processes required to make collaborative efforts more successful in an organization.

Learner Engagement: 5 Critical Elements for Designing Simulations that Work (PDF)

Nothing can replace on-the-job learning, but simulations come pretty close.  Designing them requires thoughtful attention to the elements highlighted in this article.

How to Turn Experts into Great Teachers (PDF)

Comman of content doesn't always transfer into terrific teaching.  This article offers suggestions on how you can coach and support subject mater experts presenting at your conferences.

The Value of Who You Are, Not Just What You Do

A brand is more than just the products and services it offers, it's a trusted identity with which others identify.

Refreshing Your Competitive Advantage

Any efforts can get stake over time and require some simple refreshing to keep them appealing.  Here are a few approaches to consider when doing so.

PCMA Convene Magazine: Leading Learning Articles
I write a monthly column for the Professional Convention Management Association's flagship publication focusing on leading learning.  A few recent articles are:

Making a Logical Leap 
Using design thinking and abductive logic to revamp a conference.

In Love with Lists
Making better lists can lead to making a better meeting.

Rules of Engagement
How to intentionally make your conference more engaging for more participants.

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