The Delicate Dance of Permission

It took only a minute of watching to know that this was one smart 3-year-old. 

In the middle of a busy airport, where her parents clearly wanted to keep her at their side, she had learned just how far she could run ahead of them without eliciting a chase.

We all should be so wise.

Personally or professionally, we all encounter situations where others prefer we conform to a standard more restrictive than we might set for ourselves.  This is particularly true when it comes to trying new ideas and innovating.

The next time you find yourself loooking to others to approve an idea or path you want to pursue, ask yourself this simple (yet strategic) question:

What's the most significant action I can take to advance my idea that doesn't require any approval from others?

Then take it, and you'll soon be off and running.  And while you're in motion, you may as well move with the unadulterated pleasure of a 3-year-old delighted by freedom.


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