Meeting Design: 15 Timeless Strategic Questions

Every day millions of people convene for meetings, strategy sessions, or workshops.  Over time the formats and agendas for these events become stale and need refreshing. 

Here are a dozen timeless strategic questions that can always yield fresh thinking for the design of your next gathering.  

What would make the …

  1. Community more connected?
  2. Conversation more compelling? 
  3. Intention more worthy of investment?
  4. Process/pace more productive? 
  5. Environment more inviting? 
  6. Presentations more powerful? 
  7. Connections more concrete? 
  8. Experience more engaging? 
  9. Usefulness more immediate?
  10. Presenters/panelists more provocative?  
  11. Visuals more valuable? 
  12. Meaning more memorable?  
  13. Output more shareable?
  14. Truth more transparent? 
  15. Learning more actionable?