Would Iron Eyes Cody Cry Because of You?

I doubt you throw trash on a roadway.

I bet you don't even drop candy wrappers on the street.

But I'm not so sure about your status as a e-polluter.

Every hour of every day people who wouldn't pollute our yards and streets with trash have no problem polluting our in boxes and social media sites with garbage.  They freely Tweet and Retweet with little regard to the waste they are spreading or how they may be using up others' attention.

Why?  Because they don't experience the consequences.  Senders don't experience the cost of lost attention or productivity from those they bombard with their unceasing messages and media.  Pollute often enough, however, and they will experience lose trust and credibility for being worthy of one's attention.

Yes, yes, yes, I know that we can choose to filter, tune out, and unsubscribe what comes at us.  But more thoughtful senders wouldn't force people to feel the need to do so.

If you are concerned about the sustainability of our natural environment, no doubt you are conscious of conserving its resources and cutting back.  If you are concerned about the sustainability of the attention of those with whom you communicate, you might do the same.

Make me hang on your every word and leave me wanting more instead of making me want to hang myself because you're so wordy.

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