More or Less More for Less

Amazon has announce an improved Kindle while dropping the price $50 to $139.

Getting more, paying less.

Most professional associations offer the same programs each year at the same cost or a slight increase.

Getting the same .. and often paying more for it.

Who would you rather affiliate with based on this equation alone?

Note:  I'm back to regular blogging after an office and home move and the susbequent lower back strained that sidelined me for awhile.


David M. Patt, CAE said...

Be careful about lowering prices for dues or association programs.

Instead, add value for the same price. You'll give your members and customers more and won't reduce the perceived value of the product.

Jeffrey Cufaude said...


I'm with you in spirit, but I don't think lowering prices has to reduce the perceived value off a program. In fact, it could raise the esteem with which the organization is held overall, enhancing its reputation as providing excellent value at affordable pricing.

If an association will never reduce the cost associated with an effort it could mean they also won't try to operate more efficiently or reduce actual programmatic expenses to drive down the costs of an initiative.

I think every organization, for-profit and non-profit, should ask "is there a way we can provide the same or more value for less cost?" on a routine basis while considering the potential shortcomings of doing so as you have noted.