What is it that you want to renew?

I'm just a bill.  No, not the Schoolhouse Rock song.  Although I should now wish you good luck on getting that tune out of your brain.  I'm talking about the financial kind of bill, specifically the dues invoice or "membership renewal."

My American Society of Association Executives membership renewal just arrived.  As bills go, it's good enough.  It's easy to read and understand, and updating my information and preferences is pretty simple.

But, it's just a bill. And an impersonal one at that.  No cover letter from the organization's leadership. No images of people (not stock photography) that reinforce this is a community of like-minded colleagues.   No narrative or appeal designed to renew my enthusiasm for the profession and/or the organization.  The little marketing text offered seems like an afterthought, stuck on the back of the invoice page and drawing on fairly nondescript boilerplate copy.

So in the end it's just a bill.  But it could be so much more.

It's one thing to merely renew people's financial commitment.  But when you can renew their passion for the profession, their contribution to the community, and their interest in (and engagement with) the opportunities available ... that's really something, something we should all be pursuing.

Guess what?  Without doing enough of the latter, you're going to quit getting the former.  In short, if you want to keep the money coming, you have to keep the heart, head, and hands engaged.  And your membership renewal can make a contribution to doing so.