An Inconsistent Proof

Here's the unfair reality.

The more you align your efforts with …

a clear intention,
a stated set of values, and
an articulated brand

… the more we'll notice any inconsistencies and the more we'll wonder just what you were thinking.  When you've got almost everything right, what's not wrong just seems exceptionally out of place: Can you believe they didn't ___________?

So when you stake out your identity—as an individual, as an organization, or for a product or service—you've got to go "all in."

Because just as the plastic service trays at Teaism in DC are completely wrong for the organic, handcrafted experience they offer to guests, so will any detail you leave unattended cry out to be corrected.

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Joan Eisenstodt said...

...just like ASAE having a Diversity Conf. at a very upscale hotel and who has 8 hotels in its chain being sued by housekeepers (who are generally Hispanic or African-American say the articles) for injuries on the job and lack of concern for them. Uh huh. Inconsistency in people, products, services are just not the way to be.