Two Evaluation Questions We Should Be Asking

We need to measure lasting impact/change, not just immediate satisfaction and awareness.  Doing so makes anyone planning meetings and conferences a greater strategic asset to their organization.  Here are two simple questions to ask in a post-event evaluation that love you in the right direction.

Please complete the following blank fields.  
Be as specific as possible. 

As a result of attending XYZ conference, I:

Shared the following ideas with colleagues:

Implemented the following:

Achieved these improved results:

The idea(s) and/or presenter(s) that have had the most 
staying power with me are … because they ...

Note that by changing the wording slightly, these same questions could be asked about an association member's overall affinity for the organization and the value it offers.

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Ellen said...

Exactly, Jeffrey! Then a comparison of responses against the planned learning outcomes will tell the facilitator(s) and education staff whether the learning event accomplished what was intended. It will also point out any surprises (often in a good way). And -- after getting permission, of course -- comments can lead to testimonials that can be used for future marketing. It's all good :)