Leadership Limerick: Fresh Answers Require Fresh Thinking

To break things up a bit in 2011, I will be offering a leadership limerick each Monday, highlighting an idea or strategy about effective leadership in limerick form.

 If you’re weary of ideas that seem lame
You must think in ways not so tame

Big questions you should ask
Of those minds up to the task

In groups of people who are not the same.

When we plan strategy conversations, the invite list too often consists of the usual suspects.  Nothing wrong with that as you definitely want people with a stake in the outcome.

But fresh thinking requires fresh eyes, so also consider inviting some unusual suspects, individuals with a peripheral view of the topic being discussed, folks outside the inner circle, etc.  

Don't just invite people based on their position.  Also look to include people with different perspectives and individuals who are provocative thinkers in general.

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