Leadership Limerick: The Importance of Experimentation

To break things up a bit in 2011, I will be offering a leadership limerick each Monday, highlighting an idea or strategy about effective leadership in limerick form.

To make new or better I behest
Thou shalt not dally nor rest

Start thinking big now
Use your existing know-how

And put your ideas to the test.

Innovators call it rapid-prototyping.  In Built to Last, Jim Collins and Jerry Porras describe Trying a Lot of Stuff and Seeing What Works.  Broadway denotes them as preview performances.  Software developers call it beta-testing.

Call it what you will, but organizations must move beyond analysis paralysis and release pilot efforts in which real-life members and consumers interact real-time with the program or service being created and offer feedback to hep refine the initial iterations.  This is particularly true when you operate in a fast-paced, competitive landscape.

So get comfortable with sharing works in progress as it is the only way your work will progress.

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