Leadership Limerick: Selling A Vision

To break things up a bit in 2011, I will be offering a leadership limerick each Monday, highlighting an idea or strategy about effective leadership in limerick form.

You imagine a future quite bold
A vision you want others to hold

Connect one-on-one with those who care
Embrace their thoughts about what you share

And this might bring them into the fold

Individuals and organizations often develop elaborate roll-out plans and presentations to sell the masses on a new vision for a project or the organization overall.  But politicians know there is little substitute for going door-to-door and engaging in one-on-one campaigning.  As famed business fable author Patrick Lencioni has noted, "Weighing in is a prerequisite for buying in."

Don't underestimate the value of having many, many "wouldn't it be great if ... " conversations to enlist others' support.  You don't need PowerPoint to make a powerful point.  Speak more from the heart and rely less on the podium.

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Teri said...

Great post-thought provoking. Thanks!