Facilitation: Shift Your Attention to Shift the Results

In the facilitation workshops I lead people often ask how to handle a disruptive participant in a meeting or a workshop or deal with someone who dominates the discussion.

It is useful to remember that whatever we choose to pay attention to means we are not attending to other elements in the situation.

You could focus on managing the dominant participant, or you could focus on increasing the engagement of the under-involved participants.  In doing the later, you actually would solve the former.

So the next time you find yourself fixated on a particular focus, try shifting your attention to see how it might shift the results you are achieving.


If you're interested paying more attention to your own facilitation skills, I hope you'll join me and what promises to be a great community of learners for a one-day facilitation intensive I am presenting for the American Society of Association Executives on July 19 in Washington, DC.  It will be a very hands-on learning experiences covering the core principles of effective facilitation, a variety of tools and techniques, and providing ample opportunity to apply them to the common situations we encounter in meetings, workshops, and our everyday interactions. Learn more here.

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